SLHC-PP in the news

The SLHC-PP project began in April 2008. Much of the media focus has been on the LHC itself, which was switched on in September 2008 and will be operational again later in 2009, but the SLHC is beginning to make headlines - at least within the walls of CERN.

It has featured in articles in the CERN Bulletin and the ATLAS e-News - these articles are reproduced here.


Super-LHC is on the starting blocks

The eyes of the world will be on the LHC in 2008, but preparation for its luminosity upgrade, the Super-LHC, is already under way.


SLHC gains momentum – and some funding

CERN takes a step towards guaranteeing the long-term future of ATLAS and the LHC as the SLHC-PP project begins to operate.